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Forest of thorns

In the spirit of Advent and Christmas – we present you our new rendition of the old german Advent song “Maria durch ein Dornwald ging” (Maria walks amid the thorns) with classical guitar, soft strings, percussion & ethereal… Read More

Of dreams and stars

This new collection contains 5 remixed songs from former recordings that we didn’t publish online. We wanted to gather a bunch of older recordings and create an ethereal, calming and ambiental vibe throughout the listening experience. “Selene” was… Read More

Noel Nouvelet - Undreamed - Fantasy Folk Band

Noël Nouvelet – A French Christmas carol

The tune of “Noël Nouvelet” dates back to the 16th century and the first notes evoke the gregorian chant “Ave Maris Stella”. The tune is widely known as a Christmas carol, mainly sung in French, but there are… Read More