The Band

Undreamed is a manifold Acoustic Neo Celtic Folk band with romanticism influences from Italy (Merano).

The great driving force behind Undreamed is our love for music and the everlasting beauty and tranquility of nature, to which we belong. Undreamed paints a dreamlike timeless music, using a great variety of instruments, e.g. voice, classical guitar, violin, flute, drums, percussions. Some of the songs are nostalgic, others are reminiscences of the ancient times and of “epic” lores. Our inspiration comes from classical pieces, celtic ballads, jazz and blues songs, indian chants, tango, grunge, metal, gothic, indie, world music and so on. It is the music – raw and unchanged – directly from our minds and hearts.

“To send light into the darkness of men’s heart – such is the duty of an artist” (Robert Schumann)

Undreamed is: Erika & Harald

Former members: Elisabeth (Violin), Fabian (Voice), Johanna (Violin)

Undreamed - Erika

Erika – Voice, Guitar

Undreamed - Harry

Harald – Drums, Percussion